President Trump meeting with President Vladimir


President Donald Trump Met And Shook Hands With Russian President Vladimir Putin Monday To Kick Off Their Long-Anticipated Meeting In Finland, But Most Of The Questions That Has Been On The Mind Of Many People  Has Not Been Address,  Issues Like Election Meddling, Syria Or Crimea In His Opening Remarks.

The Two Leaders Commence The Summit By Walking Quietly Into A Room In The Presidential Palace In Helsinki. Against The Backdrop Of Six U.S. And Russian Flags, Putin Broke The Silence With A Brief Remark.

But When President Trump Spoke, He Didn’t Tackle Some Of The Issues Annoying Politicians Back Home, In Europe And The Middle East, Such As The Federal Indictments Last Week Of Russian Military Intelligence Officers, Russia’s Defense Of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad Or The Annexation Of Crimea.

President Trump meeting with President Vladimir

Rather, He Started His Remarks By Congratulating His Counterpart On Hosting The World Cup.

“I’d Like To Congratulate You On A Really Great World Cup, One Of The Best Ever,” Trump Said. And For Your Team Doing So Well.

“It Was Beautifully Done,” He Added, Saying He Watched The Finals.

Trump Said They’ll Be Talking About Trade, Military And China. Among The Major Topics Will Be Fixing The Dwindling Relationship Between The Two Countries, He Added.

“We’ve Not Been Getting Along For The Past Years,” Trump Said. “We’ll Have An Extraordinary Relationship.

And I Really Think The World Wants To See Us Get Along. We Are The Two Great Nuclear Powers. Which Is Not A Good Thing, It’s A Bad Thing. So We’ll Be Talking About That, Among Other Things.”

President Trump meeting with President Vladimir

Putin Arrived Almost 30 Minutes Late In Helsinki For The Meeting. In His Opening Remarks, He Said The Time Had Come For Mutual Relations In Various Hotspots In The World.

“I Am Glad To Meet With You On The Hospitable Soil Of Finland, Putin Told Trump.

He Didn’t Address Some Of The More Contentious Issues, Either.

After Both Leaders Spoke, They Briefly Shook Hands.

The Group Of Reporters Shouted Several Questions About Election Meddling To Trump After His Remarks But He Didn’t Reply.

The Leaders Then Moved Into A Private Room To Start The Mutual Meeting With Advisers And Interpreters.

After Two Hours Of Meeting Privately, Trump And Putin Came Out And Then Headed To The Expanded Mutual Meeting And Working Lunch.

President Trump meeting with President Vladimir

Trump Told Reporters The Private Part Of The Summit Had Gone Well.

“I Think It’s A Good Start, A Very Good Start For Everybody,” He Said.

Trump And Putin Will Hold A News Conference After The Lunch.

The Meeting Happened After A Week Of Worldwide Anxious Anticipation Spanning From The United States To Europe To Russia.

Before They Met, Trump Tweeted, “Our Relationship With Russia Has NEVER Been Worse Thanks To Many Years Of U.S. Foolishness And Stupidity And Now, The Rigged Witch Hunt!

Trump Has Said He Hopes To Improve Relations With Russia But Has Placed Blame For The Depreciated Relationship On His Predecessor, President Barack Obama, Rather Than Russian Aggression And Interfering.

President Trump meeting with President Vladimir
President Trump meeting with President Vladimir


When Asked About His Message To Putin During A Breakfast At Mantyniemi, The Finnish President’s Residence, With Finnish President Sauli Niinisto And First Lady Jenni Haukio, Trump Simply Replied, We’ll Do Just Fine, Thank You.

The Stakes Are High For The Summit. Just Days Before Trump Arrived In Helsinki, Special Counsel Robert Mueller Issued Indictments On 12 Russian Spies For Their Alleged Interference In The 2016 Election.

At NATO, Allied Leaders Condemned Russian Aggression In Eastern Europe, And British Prime Minister Theresa May Said At A News Conference With Trump That She Welcomed “The Strong Response From The U.S. On The Poisonings In Salisbury.

President Trump meeting with President Vladimir

Trump Said Election Interference, Along With Syria, Russia’s Illegal Annexation Of Crimea And Meddling Will Be Among The Topics On The Table Monday.

“I Know You’ll Ask And We’ll Be Talking About The Interfering. And I Will Absolutely Bring That Up.

It Was Still Unclear If The Issues Came Up During The Private Meeting.

Kremlin Press Secretary Dmitri Peskov Told Reporters Before The Summit That If Trump Brings Up Interference In The U.S. Election, He Will “Repeat That Russia Did Not And Could Not Bear Any Relation To The Matter On Which Such Assumptions Are Centred On.

Over The Weekend, Trump And His White House Advisers Tried To Downplay The Impact Of The Summit. For The White House, The Meeting Isn’t So Much About Resolving Problems But Building A Diplomatic Bridge Between Two Countries That Have Not Seen Worse Relations Since The Cold War.

President Trump meeting with President Vladimir

Trump Himself Said He Did Not Have “High Expectations” For Their Talks, And White House National Security Adviser John Bolton, Who Took The Lead On Coordinating The Summit By Travelling To Moscow To Meet With Putin, Said The United States Should Not Expect Any Deliverables Or Written Agreements, Like The Joint Agreement Made By Trump And North Korea’s Kim Jong Un In Singapore In June.

“We Have Asked And The Russians Have Agreed That It Will Be Basically Unstructured. We’re Not Looking For Concrete Deliverables Here,” Bolton Said Sunday On ABC News’ “This Week.” “I Think It’s Very Important That The President Has A Direct One-On-One Conversation With President Putin. That’s How This Is Going To Start.

While Allied NATO Leaders Like May Were Encouraged By Trump’s Meeting With Putin, Lawmakers At Home Expressed Doubt Before The Talks In Finland And Even Told Trump To Cancel Their Meeting If He Could Not Guarantee A Strong Response To Election Meddling.

President Trump meeting with President Vladimir

“President Trump Must Be Willing To Confront Putin From A Position Of Strength And Demonstrate That There Will Be A Serious Price To Pay For His Ongoing Aggression Towards The United States And Democracies Around The World,” Republican Sen. John Mccain Said In A Statement. “If President Trump Is Not Prepared To Hold Putin Accountable, The Summit In Helsinki Should Not Move Forward.

Concern Has Grown That The President Will Make Compromise With Russia, Or Come Out With Nothing Much To Show For The Meeting Except Handshakes, Smiles And Photos, Particularly As Advisers Have Said The President Hasn’t Been Eager On Studying Up Ahead Of The Summit.

President Trump meeting with President Vladimir


Will I Be Prepared? I’m Totally Prepared. I Have Been Preparing For This Stuff My Whole Life,” Trump Said At A Rally In Montana Before He Left For Europe.

Trump Spent The Weekend Before The Summit At Trump Turnberry Resort On The Coast Of Scotland Meeting With Advisers, Tweeting And Playing Golf.

Early Monday And Hours Before The Meeting, Protests Broke Out In Helsinki Calling For Human Rights And Democracy.

President Trump meeting with President Vladimir
President Trump meeting with President Vladimir


It’s The First Official Summit Between The Presidents Of The United States And Russia Since 1997 When Bill Clinton And Boris Yeltsin Produced A Breakthrough Agreement On Arms Control In Helsinki.

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