On Thursday, Kanye West Met With President Donald Trump In The White House To Purportedly Discuss “Criminal Justice Reform.”

Kanye’s Only Criminal Justice Reform-Related Comments Were A Mention Of Pardons, Police Brutality (Which Focused On How Police Officers Might Be Reacting To Perceived Disrespect — The Solution Is “Love”), And A Brief Moment During His Conversation With Trump In Which He Decried “Stop And Frisk” Policies — To Which The President Said, “[Police] Have To Do Something.”

 During The Meeting, Kanye Discussed The MAGA Hat (“It Made Me Feel Like Superman”), A Hydrogen-Powered Airplane, The Concept Of Time (“A Myth”), The 13th Amendment (“A Trap Door”), And Black Violence. (“As Black People We Have To Take Responsibility For What We’re Doing. We Kill Each Other More Than Police Officers.”)

At This Very Moment, Thousands Of Conservatives And Liberals Are Working Across The Aisle To Do Something, Anything, To Make America’s Criminal Justice System One That Abides By The Constitution Of The United States And The Wishes Of Many In The Country.

Some Celebrities Have Successfully Used Their Notoriety To Shine A Light On An Important Cause, Helping To Put Pressure On Politicians To Act. But This Wasn’t That. West’s Visit To The White House Was A Pretence.

Even Some Prominent People Have Attempted To Work On The Cause, Including Kanye’s Wife, Kim Kardashian West, Who Has A Far Better Track Record On Criminal Justice. By Contrast, Kanye Has No Lengthy Track Record Of Interest In The Subject Outside Of Some Music Condemning Mass Incarceration.

Trump Liked The Optics Of A Black Celebrity From Chicago Standing With Him On Criminal Justice. In The Truest Form Of What Some Would Call “Tokenism,” Trump Proudly Pushed Forward A Single Man To Represent An Entire Community, And Masked The Real Efforts Of His Administration To Either Slow Walk Or Outright Reject Real Criminal Justice Reform Efforts.

Jeff Sessions Is Not A Criminal Justice Reform Crusader


Two Days Before West’s Visit To The White House, Attorney General Jeff Sessions Announced That The Justice Department Would File A Statement Of Interest In Court To Stop Efforts By The Chicago Police Department — In West’s Hometown — To Enact A Major Overhaul In How Officers Do Their Jobs.

The Changes, Which Include Ensuring Officers Record When And Why They Draw Their Weapons, Came On The Heels Of The 2014 Murder Of Laquan Mcdonald, Who Was Shot 16 Times By Former Police Officer Jason Van Dyke. (Van Dyke Was Found Guilty Of Second-Degree Murder Just Last Week.)

In A Statement, Sessions Said That The City Requires “Proactive” Policing, Adding, “It Is Imperative That The City Not Repeat The Mistakes Of The Past — The Safety Of Chicago Depends On It.”

On Monday, Trump Feted The Actions Of Police, And Said That He Had Told Sessions To Go To Chicago And “Straighten Out The Terrible Shooting Wave.”

He Went On To Praise Stop-And-Frisk Policies: “I’ve Told Them To Work With Local Authorities To Try To Change The Horrible Deal The City Of Chicago’s Entered Into With ACLU, Which Ties Law Enforcement’s Hands, And To Strongly Consider ‘Stop And Frisk.’ It Works. And It Was Meant For Problems Like Chicago. It Was Meant For It. Stop And Frisk!

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