Priest murders man claiming human sacrifice would end coronavirus

A drunk 70-year-old priest decapitated a man as a sacrifice to end the coronavirus pandemic after smoking marijuana in India.

Sansari Ojha from the Brahmani Devi Temple under Narasinghpur police station in Cuttack cut off 52-year-old Saroj Kumar Pradhan’s head.

The Hindu priest from the Bandhahuda area in Odisha killed the man to appease a goddess, he claimed.

While being questioned by police, the priest claimed he had received orders from goddess in his dream, where he saw that a human sacrifice would end coronavirus.

He beheaded Pradhan with an axe at 1am in the morning in the temple’s shrine after an argument.

During interrogation, the accused told the police that he got into an argument with Pradhan over the “sacrifice”. As their argument intensified, Ojha hacked Pradhan to death with an axe, and he died on the spot.

Deputy Inspector General of Police (central range) Ashish Kumar Singh told India Today that initial inquiry found that the accused was heavily drunk at the time of the incident. “The next morning when he came back to his senses, he surrendered and accepted the crime,” he added. The police have also seized the axe and sent Pradhan’s body for postmortem.

The priest had a long-standing dispute with Pradhan over a mango orchard on the outskirts of the village, the police told Hindustan Times.

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