Rapper Future Accuses Alleged Baby Mama Of Fraud, Demands Paternity Case Be Tossed

American rapper, Future has accused his alleged 6th babymama of fraud and wants the paternity lawsuit filed by the Haitian model dismissed.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Future is responding to the case brought by alleged baby mama Eliza Seraphin.

He filed a motion to dismiss which accuses Eliza of “fraud upon the court.” He denies being the father to her child.

A while back, Eliza sued Future for paternity, along with seeking child support and custody. He fired back by asking the judge to demand that she stay silent by way of a gag order, which would prevent her from speaking publicly about him or the case.

Eliza was found “indigent” by the court, meaning she had her court fees waived due to her lack of income.

Future has been consistent in his position that he is not the father of Eliza’s child and has publicly addressed it several times.

He uploaded a video to Instagram story where he addressed the claims that he fathered a 7th child, and there’s also speculation that he’s fathered an eighth with a woman named Cindy.

He captioned the video with text, “I have 5 wives BTW. Love them all to death.” The five wives part is referencing the five women he already has kids with. He has a total of six children, including one with Ciara.

A hearing has been set for November 8, where Future and Eliza are expected to face off in court. We’ll keep you posted on any updates, Roommates.


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