Same-sex marriage has now officially become legal in Northern Ireland

Same-sex marriage is now legally recognised in Northern Ireland.

From Monday 13 January, same-sex couples will be able to register to marry in the country, and those who are already married will have their union recognised by law.

This brings Northern Ireland into line with the rest of the UK. Same-sex marriages have been legal in England, Scotland and Wales since 2014.

The first same-sex weddings are expected to take place in February as couples have to indicate their intention to marry 28 days before doing so.

A consultation about converting civil partnerships and the role of churches in same-sex marriages is set to be carried out by the Northern Ireland Office.

Heterosexual couples will also be able to enter into a civil partnership from Monday.

Same-sex marriage was an issue devolved to Stormont, the country’s Assembly, and in November 2015 the body voted in favour of it.


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