The news of the grounding of all Boeing 737 Max 8 was greeted with applause from around the world. Questions are being asked as to what could have caused plane crashes in planes of the same models.

The full details have not yet been released, but here are some similarities in both accidents of March 10 and October 29

The Ethiopian airline flight 302 crashed few minutes after takeoff from the Addis Ababa airport on its way to  Nairobi, Kenya killing all 157 persons on board. The plane had people from around the world, many of whom worked for the United Nations.

The Lion Air Flight 610 crashed into the Java Sea on October 29 few minutes after take off from Jakarta, all 189 persons on board were killed.

Both planes were Boeing 737 Max 8 Jets( the fastest selling plane in the aviation industry currently).

Both planes used the same software called the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation (MCA) – The MCA is a system that automatically lowers the nose of the plane when it receives information from its external angle of attack(AOA) sensors that the aircraft is flying too slowly or steeply and at the risk of stalling.

The plane was faulted for having only one of such sensors, meaning if there was a failure in the single AOA system, the whole plane system doesn’t work, and it could cause difficulties for the pilot to react to the system.

From reports gathered, it has been seen that both planes had their pilots reporting problems.

There has not been any substantial cause of crash known by investigators airlines’ CEO of Boeing Dennis Muilenburg said that a software update and related pilot training for the 737 Max 8 will be released soon and will address concerns discovered in both plane crash.

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