Sudan Prosecutors Charge Al-Bashir With Killing Protesters

Prosecutors have charged ousted President Omar al-Bashir with involvement in killing protesters and incitement to kill protesters during the uprising that drove him from power.

Sudan’s state news agency published the charges, following a statement from the public prosecutor. It was not immediately clear what punishment Mr Bashir might face.

The transitional military council ruling Sudan has said he would face justice inside the country and will not be extradited to the Hague, where the International Criminal Court has charged him with war crimes and genocide linked to the Darfur conflict in the 2000s.

The protests first started out in late 2018 over the rising expenses of living, and escalated into a push for Bashir’s elimination from office, with mass rallies and sit-ins backyard the presidential compound and military headquarters. Bashir responded with a crackdown that led to scores of civilian deaths.

The military, which has since dissolved the government, has said it would remain in power for up to two years, despite renewed protests against their rule.
Bashir has been transferred to Kober prison, a maximum-security prison notorious for holding political prisoners during his 30-year dictatorship. He also faces five counts of crimes against humanity and two counts of war crimes at the International Criminal Court in The Hague, in connection with Sudanese military actions in Darfur between 2003 and 2008.
Sudan’s military has previously said that it would prosecute Bashir, but would not extradite him.

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