Tennessee couple admits to raping, torturing woman, storing her in freezer: police

A Tennessee couple lured a woman to their home where they tortured, raped and strangled her to death – before mutilating her corpse and stuffing it in a freezer, according to authorities.

Elizabeth Dishman, 22, and 52-year-old Sean Finnegan were arrested Aug. 6 in connection with the death of Jennifer Gail Paxton in Oak Ridge, Tenn., according to records from the Anderson County’s Sheriff’s Department.

Paxton, 36, was allegedly “lured” to the couple’s home on or around Dec. 23, 2019, with the promise of a place to stay, according to the painstakingly detailed warrants for the couple’s arrest.

The warrants further allege she was “held against her will, physically attacked with a baseball bat, tortured, raped, deprived of food and medical care, strangled with a ligature and then left for dead.”

They allegedly admitted to cutting off Paxton’s body parts, breaking ligaments and bones to make her body fit into a freezer, according to the arrest warrants.  After disposing of the body, Dishman allegedly used “bleach and a Swiffer” to clean up the living room and bedroom to get rid of the blood and other evidence.


Authorities said she also cleaned the victim’s body with bleach in the shower in an attempt to get rid of evidence that may have been on it, according to the warrants.


When the couple realized there may be a police investigation, Finnegan allegedly removed the body from the freezer and hid it under his bed. Then he cleaned out the freezer in an attempt to destroy any possible evidence left behind.


They were arrested after the Oak Ridge police responded to a report of a homicide there. Paxton’s body was found early Thursday as a search warrant was executed.


Finnegan and Dishman’s bail have been set at $1 million each and they are expected back in court on August 18.

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