The Middletown Old-Tyme Peach Festival Which Turns 25 This Year, A Quarter Century Of Celebrating The Historical And Economic Importance Of Peaches In Middle Town Delaware.

The Party, Which Closes Off Main Street For Booths And Food, Starts With A Traditional Parade Featuring The Marching Bands Of Both Appoquinimink High School And Middletown High School.

The Festival Which Starts By  9 A.M. To 4 P.M. On Saturday, Aug. 2018 On Several Blocks Of Downtown Middletown.

As The People From Far And Wide Of Delaware Came Together To Celebrate The 2018 Middletown Peach Festival.

Looking Back At The Golden Era Of The Middletown Olde-Tyme Peach Festival.

The Spanish Introduced Peach Trees To North America Around 1600, And European Settlers Quickly Recognized That Peaches Increased In The Middletown Area’s Climate And Soil. The Boom Began In 1855 With The Arrival Of Rail Service That Got Delicate Peaches Gently And Quickly To Market. “Delaware Was The Country’s Leading Producer Of Peaches For Part Of The 19th Century, At Its Peak, Shipping 6 Million Baskets To Market In 1875,” The State Says, Earning It A Peach State Nickname.

The Peach Blossom Was Named Delaware’s Official Floral Emblem In 1895, And It Added The Title Of State Flower In 1955.

The Peach Pie Became The Official State Dessert In 2009.


The Delaware Democratic Party

The Delaware Democratic Party is a member of the Democratic Party in the state of Delaware, headquartered in unincorporated New Castle County.

Erik Raser-Schramm is the state Chair. The Delaware Democratic Party is one of the two biggest parties in the state of Delaware (the other being the Republican Party) and has existed since the Jacksonian Democrats broke away from the Federalists in 1825. Besides their most prominent current political figure, former Vice President Joe Biden, the party occupies all federal seats for the state in Congress and currently has majority control over the state legislative and executive branch.

As the first state of the United States, Delaware was at the forefront of the creation in U.S. political parties. The origins of the Delaware Democratic Party can be traced back to the original anti-federalist party. While key difference divide this part from the Democratic Party today, key issues involving government involvement and ideologies such as Jeffersonian and Jacksonian can be linked to modern day ideals of the Delaware Democratic party. Yet, despite being one of the first states with true parties, the spiritual predecessor of the Democratic party struggled to support its agenda in the state. It wasn’t until the splitting of parties into federalists and Jacksonians that the Democratic party got its first true start. With only one bad loss in 1855 to the American Party, the Democratic Party dominated politics up until the end of Reconstruction in the United States. Most fascinating of all, was how the party maintained its popularity during the Civil War. Despite being a northern state, Delaware Democrats opposed the abolition of slavery. This Opposition has led to great changes in the Unifying of all Americans as it has given rise to equality, and unity. It is also worthy of note that President Obama was elected president in 2009 and he served two terms.

Interview Response.

The Anchor Of Thejemimahshow, Jemimah Chuks was available to Do What She Knows How To Do Best Interviewing Different Guest And Notable Personalities That Are Present At The Event.

Such As Delaware Lt Governor Bethany Hall-Long who said they have a lot of great things that has been going on and they have members of the town, county, and the state that has been doing a lot of economic development .

She also said that she being a nurse she is focusing middle health problem and trying to help veterans who experience stress disorder  and depression and also for the children, to give them good and quality education.

Senator Stephanie Hansen who has been working hard on all sort of issues from the day she was voted in, issues that are related to education, clean environments.

She also said that she has personally sponsored some bills that are still in progress.

She is also campaigning for the upcoming election in November and she is urging every one to come out and vote.

Delaware State Senator Bruce Ennis Of 14th District Who Has A Public Safety Background As A Former Trooper Said He Has Been Teaching About Safety In Schools And Also In General.

He Has Also Worked On Legislature Bills That Are Safety Issues Related, He Is Also Working On Manufacturing Housing Which According To Him Is Means Whereby Every One Can Own Their Own Homes.

Monique Johns who is running for State Rep. Mot 9th District said she it’s so important for their environment to have clean air and water in order for lot’s of children to have a good and friendly environment to live and grow up in and she is working hard to get the funds that are needed to be released for use.     

Lakresha Roberts Who Running For Attorney General Said They Have The Opportunity To Change Their Criminal Justice System, Also Stating That This Is An Opportunity To Vote For Someone Who Has The Experience And The Plan To Break The Circle Of Criminality In The State Of Delaware And To Actually Serve People And Keep Them Out Of The Criminal Justice System To Keep Families And Kids Safe.

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