Anyone looking to get their hands on one of the production run of the Bugatti Divo that made its European debut at the Paris Motor Show is out of luck because they’re already sold out.


There were only 40 made, and if you haven’t already ordered your €5 million Bugatti Divo, which made its world premiere in Monterey, California in August, the dream went fleeting by —  each and every one was sold before it even made its debut at the Paris Motor Show on Tuesday. Despite that, what better place to present this French brand’s newest sports car?

The sold-out model is armed with an eight-liter W16 engine, a Bugatti classic, capable of 1,500 PS. The Divo was designed for maximized aerodynamics: a modified chassis plays part in making the car 35 kilograms lighter than the standard Chiron with 90 kilograms more downforce.

Bugatti states that the speed is “limited” to 380 km/h.


You won’t be seeing the Divo on the streets until next year when the first deliveries are made if you’re lucky enough to see one in the wild.

Meanwhile, an unusual Bugatti is on display at the Paris Motor Show, which opens to the public October 4-14: a life-size Bugatti Chiron made from Lego.

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