“Africa is for Africans.”

This is one of the popular sayings of the Jamaican born political activist, publisher, journalist, enterpreneur, orator and the founder of the UNIVERSAL NEGRO IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION AND AFRICAN COMMUNITIES LEAGUE,  Marcus Garvey; best known for his consistency in making the black Africans become liberated.

Recently, one of his sons, Dr. Julius Garvey was said to have visited Delaware.

Julius  Garvey visited Delaware and was able to make some tour to places like THE STATE UNIVERSITY at Deleware where he commended their aviation sector and the projects they are embarking on. He then spoke about the connection with the aviation industry in Jamaica,his hometown.

The highly reputable thoracic surgeon, as hosted by Badley Lorraine also made a visit to the Senate house where he was recognized  at the Deleware Senate spearheaded by Senator Hansen , as the Lt. Governor Bethany called for his recognition.A state proclamation was given to him for his great work, as well as a well written letter of recognition from U.S Senator Carper and the entire Delaware Senate highly appreciated and recognized his visit to Delaware Valley.

Immediately after his visits, a dinner was hosted for him in the home of his humble host, Lorraine Badley. While still there, a beautiful and appealing cake was presented to him by Commissioner Lorraine Badley.

In attendance for the dinner was the collaboration with  Delaware Africans Carribean Affairs Commission (DACAC), led by Wale, Desmond Baker, Representative Sherry Walker from the DE Black Legislative Caucus. , people from the Jamaican Diaspora, Linda Ziegler, and Edmund Mc Koy, Karen Grandison for helping to make the day successful . A  few companies in Deleware, Linda Ziegler, and Edmund Mc Koy, Karen Grandison was also present to make the day successful .

It was indeed a memorable day to behold.

The delectable, ebullient and smart Jemimah Chuks was there live to cover and record every happenings.





An exclusive interview with Dr. Julius Garvey was also conducted and would be aired here live on the blog come next week.

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