Two teenage boys rape corpse of 84-year-old woman after breaking into her coffin

Two teenage boys have been arrested after they allegedly robbed the grave of a grandmother, 84 in Davao, Philippines. The two boys also raped the corpse.

The boys were caught when the family of the deceased woman, Isabel Bastatas, went to visit her grave the morning after she had been buried. The family found that the coffin had been opened. As per local reports, the family also found that her tomb had been damaged and her legs were sticking out of the coffin.

The family of Bastatas believes that the corpse had been raped given she had been found without her undergarments. There were also signs of intercourse. Bastatas had been buried in the Digos City Public Cemetery on September 29. Authorities from the Digos City Police have arrested the two teens, who cannot be named.

According to Lieutenant Colonel Ernesto Castillo, “The arrest was made after witnesses came to us to help with the investigations. They were pointing to one of the suspects, ‘Erwin’ and another companion”.

The police are looking into what was allegedly stolen from the grave and whether the pensioner’s body had been tampered with. Castillo had also shared that the two boys could have suspected that there were some valuables buried along with the corpse.

The two boys have denied the allegations made against them. The Bastatas family intends on taking legal action against the parents of the two teens involved. The two youngsters have been transferred to the Department of Social Welfare Development Office given their age.

As reported by the Filipino Times, the two teens had initially admitted to abusing the cadaver but had then withdrawn their statement. One of the boys claimed that they were forced to confess to the accusation made against them by the police. Digos City Mayor Josef Cagas has ordered to have the two undergo reformation program.

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