Uber scooters have arrived in Santa Monica

Uber’s e-scooters by JUMP have officially launched in Santa Monica just a couple weeks since the city approved the brand as a participant in its Shared Mobility Pilot Program, which began September 17.

Earlier this week, Santa Monica received 250 JUMP-branded electric scooters in addition to their 500 e-bikes for city residents to use and share (the scooters are free to use until October 7), according to The Verge. Uber’s brand will be sharing this opportunity with three other brands — Bird, Lime, and Lyft — bringing the total of e-scooters in the city to 2000.

Back in February at the beginning of the Uber and JUMP partnership, Uber Bike by JUMP launched in San Francisco and has been making its way across the United States. Though the bikes have been in operation in Santa Monica, the scooters just arrived this week.

This bike share option allows you to reserve a bike or scooter through the Uber app by tapping ‘mode switch’ and selecting ‘Bike and Scooter.’ After October 7, the scooters will cost $1 to unlock and each minute after the first five will cost 15 cents — the same for the bikes, but unfortunately, they’re not free right now.

Each option can be reserved for up to an hour, but you may be charged a fee, likewise if you lock the vehicle outside the system area. When you’re finished riding, JUMP advised that you simply, “lock bikes to a bike rack and park scooters on the sidewalk keeping them out of the way of pedestrians and other vehicles.”

The city’s decision to bring electric transportation to its citizens was done not only to organize and regulate a large amount of developing shared transportation options, but also to promote health and safety and, eventually, completely eliminate road collisions.

Uber firmly believes that because of the excess of shared transportation options available at your fingertips thanks to the infiltration of smartphones across the world, the necessity of owning a car is diminishing. The company is moving beyond ridesharing, “so that your phone can replace your personal car.” City dwellers can use the Uber app to decide which option, by car, bike, or scooter is best at a particular time.

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