UK rail worker dies from virus after being spat on by passenger

A railway station worker in Britain died from COVID-19 last month after she was spat at and coughed over by someone claiming to have the virus, her trade union said Tuesday.


Belly Mujinga, 47, was working at London’s Victoria Station in March when a man targeted her and a colleague – within days both women fell ill.

Tragically Ms Mujinga, who had underlying respiratory problems, was put on a ventilator but died on April 5. Only ten people could go to her funeral.

Her daughter, Ingrid, 11, had a final video call from her mum before she became too unwell to talk at Barnet Hospital.

Her husband Lusamba, 60, told the Mirror Ms Mujinga had asked for a back office job as the pandemic grew.

He said: “It’s terrible to lose the person you love so quickly.

“We are sure she got the virus from the man who spat on her, and it could have been so easily avoided.

“He just shouted at them, ‘What are you doing here?’ and then spat over them deliberately. Belly was so upset and so scared.”

Ms Mujinga’s trade union, the Transport Salaried Staffs Association (TSSA), has reported her death to the Railways Inspectorate for investigation and is taking legal advice.


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