Utah man dies after reaching Mount Everest summit: report

An American man who had the goal of climbing the tallest mountain on each continent died after reaching the top of Mount Everest, his seventh and final summit.

Donald Lynn Cash, 55 of Sandy, Utah, fainted due to high altitude sickness after reaching Everest’s summit, according to Pioneer Adventure Pvt. The expedition company said its guides tried to give Cash aid while bringing him down the mountain.
“Our supporting Sherpa Guides did immediate massage, CPR and raised his oxygen pressure to keep him alive,” the company said in a news release. “In that situation, our Sherpa Guides tried to rescue and drag him down towards Camp 4 as quick as they could.”
Cash had collapsed near a portion of the trail called the “Hillary Step,” an elevation of approximately 8,770 meters, according to Pioneer Adventure.
“Despite their best efforts in providing the best guidance, sufficient oxygen supplies and medical support they could not save his life,” the company said.

Tackling Everest was the culmination of years of training and dreaming.

“This is a total blast,” Cash wrote from the mountain in April in a post on Instagram. “I’m truly blessed to just be here on this adventure with great new friends!!”

“He taught us that nothing was impossible. You can do literally anything. If you can dream it, you can do it,” his daughter Brandalin Cash told KSL.
“The last message he sent to me, he said, ‘I feel so blessed to be on the mountain that I read about for the last 40 years,'” his son, Tanner Cash, told KSL-TV.
“Any time you have anything like this in a climb, it just breaks your heart,” Dave Roskelley, who made it to the summit of Mount Everest in 2013, told KTSU. Roskelley said that he and other climbers gave Cash advice on the journey earlier this year.
Roskelley described Cash as “a go-getter,” and said that, “Knowing him, he’s probably happy that’s where his body will be laid to rest.”

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