We All Want to Come Home to This German Apartment


Illustrator and goldsmith Jessica Herber’s life is in major flux right now. This month, she’s making a big career move: relocating her jewelry shop, Stadtelster, to a larger, more central storefront in Weimar, Germany, where she also lives. “The days are really stressful. We’re getting up very early to renovate the new store, then we’re continuing to work at the old store, and then after that, we’re going back to the new store and working there until night. Later, we immediately fall asleep,” Jessica says. Now more than ever, her one-bedroom apartment, which she shares with her boyfriend Julius, a carpenter currently getting his master’s in architecture, is her sanctuary. “For me, it’s really important to have a pretty, comfortable home to calm down and relax, to get my energy back if there’s no free time in sight,” Jessica notes. Here’s how she created an oasis within 1,000 square feet:

A handcrafted touch: The dining nook in particular is a showcase of Julius's handiwork; the solid wood table, benches, rectangular pendant light are all his creations. "We are saving a lot of money by building our own furniture," says Jessica. "Or I should say, my talented boyfriend turns my ideas into reality." A jungle's worth of plants lines the perimeter: "I wanted that corner to look a bit like the old winter gardens with big green plants that you see, for example, in old English buildings." And let's not forget Jessica's illustrations—a cluster of framed works hang in the living room.

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