White man knocked out with a single punch after calling black people ‘pets’ (video)

Footage posted online shows a white man in a heated confrontation with other passengers as the Central Line train pulls into Bank station in Central London this afternoon.

The man, who has a shaved head and is wearing a blue T-shirt and beige shorts, is filmed shouting at a group of black passengers: ‘This is my home and you’re all going back. You know it as well.’

When asked by the group where they will be going back to, he shouts: ‘You know where you’re going back.’

As the passengers ask him his name, he starts shouting ‘You’re black. Oh my god’ at the group while the woman filming asks ‘What’s that supposed to mean?’

The white man tells the camerawoman to shut up before the footage cuts to him swinging on the handrails singing ‘they’re lesser than us’ repeatedly and saying ‘you’re my pets’ in the direction of the group of young black men.

He then swivels around and tells her to shut up. The video cuts to the man repeatedly chanting ‘lesser than us’ while swaying from the handrail, before saying ‘you’re my pets’ to a group of black men.


However as the group of black people tried getting off the train in Bank station in Central London, the man walked up to them shouting ‘come on’. As they get up to leave, the white man squares up to them with clenched fists close to the open doors. One of them suddenly turns and punches him with a right hook.


The man stumbles and falls backwards in the train carriage, appearing to be knocked out. Some of the passengers were heard thereafter saying  ‘well done’ and a woman can be heard laughing, before others rush to check his pulse and put him in the recovery position.



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white racist floored with single punch after calling black people ‘pets’

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