Woman raises alarm after man uses sniper on stock fish in Oyingbo market Lagos [VIDEO]

Many market sellers go to any length to preserve their products. While that is commendable, it is also worrying as some resort to using harmful chemicals on food items sold to unsuspecting customers.


Recently, a Facebook user identified as Uchenna Okoli Anyanwu shred a clip where she visited Oyingbo market to buy stock fish, only to see the seller donning the dried fish with sniper – a strong pesticide which should not be ingested by humans.

Uchenna advised the seller to desist from using the product to preserve his stock as it is harmful and can even kill people. More concerned about selling his market, he turned to his products and apparently ignored her while she tried to explain the dangers of the product he was using.

Seller seen using chemical on goods (Photo: Facebook, Uchenna)

Watch below:

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