47-year-old Valencia Love, a citizen of Chicago in Romeoville, Illinois has had her day care center under serious bomb threats.

Her Daycare center was evacuated last weekend over bomb scares.

She reportedly paid the bail fee of $100,000 to get R.Kelly out of court. Her gesture was not met well with Americans, who have been breathing down her neck for releasing such funds.

She filled up the bail formalities with a tag “a friend of Kelly’s.

Chicago Police Sgt. Rocco Alioto confirmed in a statement that “multiple people called in bomb threats to a business” located on West 79th St. Over the weekend, the same address as Lord & Child Christian Daycare.

“No offender (is) in custody and Bomb (and) Arson cleared the scene,” Alioto said, adding that “detectives are investigating” the scary ordeal. 

But it’s still vague if Valencia Love is the actual owner of the daycare.

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