Woman Shares Her Story Of How She Almost Lost Her Life During Child Birth And Domestic Violence

A Woman by name Udeme Ekoriko Etibensi a mother of two shares a touching story of her past on her Son’s Birthday on Facebook.

“I had a post term baby that was declared dead in my womb (no fetal heartbeat) Because we had no money for CS” she said

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This is a very special edition that is so dear to my heart because…

1st – it’s coming on my son’s 7th birthday
2nd – it’s about what matters most to me – relationships!

We are relational beings and no matter how hard you pray God will still use ‘humans’ on earth to answer your prayers – So pay attention to people God allows into & through your life’s journey✍🏼

By this time in 2012 I was battling for my life after a complicated emergency CS where I kept bleeding non stop and was in the theatre for hours😭
You see, I had a post term baby that was declared dead in my womb (no fetal heartbeat)
Because we had no money for CS!
(Rev Dr Uma Ukpai paid for this delivery 100% the day before I went to the hospital to this sad news)
God bless his heart🙏🏻💜

The recovery process for me was a tough one, I was kept in UUTH for 2 weeks, transfused over 4 pints of blood & an hourly pain reliever administered.

Finally, when I was discharged one would have thought it was over…
Sadly not, my blood count was still very low & I was pale, so my mom started her own home medication (water squeezed out from pumpkin leaves and that tasteless thing given to me for days)🤮🤦🏻‍♀️

I was in a turmoil of a marriage that one would hit you and say it was the devil and religious folks will tell you to forgive, pray, fast, be more submissive…
Until one day you are 6 feet below🙄
We kept pretending that there was a home when we had our well decorated ‘boxing ring’ for 6 years!

No one in his right senses would lift a finger on a mother who was as fragile & vulnerable as I was at that time of trying to recover…
Alas, another bout of domestic violence erupted and this time I almost didn’t live to tell the story.
A belt was used on me which tore open my stitches😫😫😫
I was pulled out of a pool of blood and my family filed for separation (I was whisked to Lagos)!

Picture 3 shows the day I ‘bribed’ my cousin that my family shouldn’t hear that I was returning to Uyo TO MAKE MY MARRIAGE WORK🤪😂😂😂

During this separation (May-Aug 2013) I met my sugar zaddy – Longrich.
I met one on one with Brittiana my upline’s sponsor she showed me how much she was earning even as a full time banker.
A fire was ignited in me – I said I’ve played small for too long, if she did it, I can🗣

So call me names if you would, I made up my mind to come back and make my own money because the previous fights ALWAYS had to do with Money!
Either I’m carrying Horseband’s car for antenatal and my belongings are thrown out in front of my father’s house (for driving common Toyota-o) – True life story when I had my 1st child😃😃😃
Or I’m struggling a sachet of pure water I borrowed money to buy or my ‘tachere’ 25k teacher salary so Divine would have breakfast the next day and belt will be used on me!

I was done with the drama.
I came back & begun Longrich (selling products for as many leaders in this town that I can remember)
Built a team from scratch in my empty one room apartment.
In 6 months EVERYTHING changed.
I didn’t just drive a brand new car, I sponsored my entire family to SIX STATES IN THE USA including the abusive horseband with the hope that he’d change.
Nay! It got worse, this time it wore agbada😋😂😂😂

In Marriott hotel in Houston Texas he tried to raise his hands on me, I rushed to the phone to call 911

Omo, bros withdrew and pocketed his hands😳

That was the day I concluded that an abuser isn’t controlled by any spirit whatever, it’s their choice to abuse and they thrive in an enabling environment.

This was in 2015, as soon as we got back from that trip – I took a walk to live to love again!
Just because I finally grasped that I deserved better & my kids too.
Marriage is only for the living and not the dead🤓

This write up is to everyone going through any form of abuse and afraid of what the world out there holds…
It may not hold all you want immediately but it sure holds LIFE!
Be safe first.
Ignore what folks will say, the same clowns would be the first to ask “Why didn’t she run for her life” when you are gone.

Keep your smile – it’s one asset you must guard.

Develop yourself worth by identifying how God feels about you – That’s what really matters!

Lock hands with people who do have a past but do not live there anymore!
Make REAL & MORE INFORMED Relationships!
(Only smart people realize that a relationship failed, they did not fail so they learn & leap beyond their fears)!

I’m currently working with many single parents sponsoring most of their kids to school.
Helping a few start up the Longrich business etc but most importantly my passion lies in teaching them to find their PURPOSE IN CHRIST and watch the 360 degrees transformation!!!

Live this life with no form of regrets at all, know that there are no short cuts to any destination worth going –
Welcome To Living Life Unapologetically💜💜💜


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