Youthful South African architect, Thebe Magugu, who has been portrayed as a pioneer of his age and a force to reckon with in the worldwide design scene by best style investigators and pundits has won the 2019 International Fashion Showcase that occurred in London. Duran Lantink from the Netherlands and Cedric Mizero from Rwanda pursued firmly behind him.

The 26-year-old beat 15 different members from everywhere throughout the world including Kenya, Denmark, Brazil and the Netherlands to take the desirous prize which has since its starting set the tone for best creators today.

Organised by the International Fashion Showcase (IFS) with the help of the British Council, British Fashion Council, London College of Fashion, UAL and Somerset House, the elevated program supports and displays work from the most energizing style ability from around the globe and is a standout amongst the most connected design programs.

An energized Thebe took to his Facebook and Instagram to report the huge news and offered his thanks to everybody who helped him get this far at such a youthful stage in his profession.

Born on September 1, 1993, Thebe experienced childhood in Kimberly, South Africa, with a few women who have today motivated his vocation in the design business.

Discovering his enthusiasm for style at an early age, Thebe sought after and studied Fashion and Apparel Design at Lisof Fashion School in Johannesburg. Amid his years in design school, Thebe contributed gigantically in extracurricular exercises and was extremely vocal in offering his perspectives on the style scene which drove him to make commitments to The Times and Flux Trends with respect to current style and South African youth culture.

In 2015, he chose to migrate to Johannesburg and opened his self-named women’s design line Thebe Magugu. Addressing IOL South Africa in a 2017 meeting, Thebe recalls his design venture beginning from the purpose of being in creche when he would dependably draw women garments at some random chance.

He stated: “My topic in crèche regularly included ladies in garments. Clearly, at that age, it was simply red triangles on stick figures, however my mom saw this and got me an enormous sketch cushion – it’s a standout amongst the most vital endowments I’ve at any point gotten in light of the fact that it turned into a kind of shelter for me.”

The Thebe Magugu design line is a ladies’ line made exclusively for the confident, savvy, risk taking and energetic lady prepared to coordinate her identity with her garments and stop people in their tracks wherever she goes. The line is nspired by the topics of juxtaposition with an enthusiasm for investigating the divergence between manliness and womanliness, custom and test, overlarge and compressed and different contrasts in the plan of his articles of clothing.

Barely four years in the design business, Thebe has figured out how to make a name for himself having his garments on a few runways in South Africa including the SA Fashion Week.

He has likewise been effective at making an online closeness with more than 11 thousand supporters on Instagram alone.

In this brief span, Thebe has developed incredibly as an designer and a mark and his strength in the style scene earned him an opening in the IFS which has seen him get the honour following a little while of utilizing his plans to investigate subjects of legislative issues, supportability, personality and legacy.

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